Renée Harris

Head of strategic partnerships and events | Co-Founder

Renée’s genuine energy is infectious at JDR, where she spearheads strategic events and partner relationships with a laser-sharp focus on realizing next level ROI for our clients.She is passionate about going above and beyond to ensure that all the needs of JDR clients are satisfied.

From America to London & back again, Renée has been highly successful in the marketing and events industry for over a decade advising some of the world’s largest companies with their marketing and event strategies. Recently, she served as the lead US Account Director for Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the largest telecoms event in the world, where she elevated the presence of company brands, ranging from Visa, the NBA and Verizon to brand new start-ups.

  “Whether you are an established multi-national or an up-and-coming startup, I believe investing in the right event with the right presence opens doors for future business and growth that brands never thought possible.” – Renée Harris

Years of marketing and event expertise + a fully stamped passport are the blueprints behind Renée’s daily soundtrack “LISTEN to brands instead of HEAR them” – one she happily practices and plays on repeat.

This girl’s on FIRE:

Before JDR, the fruit of her labor includes graduating with a BA communications degree from the University of Georgia, starting her marketing and events career in London for 10 years and working  on events in Latin America, Asia, Europe and the US with clients from all over the globe.

Behind the Scenes:

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Closeted Talents: Baker Extraordinaire

Favorite Holiday: Thanksgiving (Halloween is Runner-Up). But really, all things fall.

Outside of Work: She’s a wife and mother to two daughters and one furry son (aka dog).

LinkedIn Profile:

JDR Marketing Group's head of strategic partnerships and event strategy
JDR Marketing Group's head of strategic partnerships and event strategy