JDR's got you!

Whether you are a small business, a large enterprise or are just starting out, our experienced marketers are swift and efficient at curating and pinpointing the RIGHT placement and RIGHT direction for YOUR brand’s story across all media platforms.


Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing and boosting website traffic to create digital stories in an authentic way

Are you ready to boost your website traffic and cultivate a mighty brand presence online all while telling your brand story in a meaningful, consistent, authentic way? Together, let's create digital marketing fearlessly. 

Video & Photography


How cool is this? “80% of all traffic online will include video by 2021” Video is the loudest beat in our content strategy line-up at JDR. Led by an Emmy award-winning Executive Producer, JDR’s experienced production and still photography team heightens brand’s storytelling through quality video and innovative media.

Event Experiences

JDR's leaders are event strategy experts who know how to represent brands at top events worldwide.

Nothing builds trust quicker than being present. Whether that means us finding the best events for you to sponsor and/or exhibit at or by creating thoughtful, relevant events for your brand, JDR works hard with our clients to ensure that they have the RIGHT presence at the RIGHT events. 


Hit your target audience through sponsorship branding opportunities.

“What to sponsor, what to stand behind?” Banners, parties, water bottles...oh my! You can rest easy because we will pinpoint and secure branding opportunities at the right venues and events to ensure the best brand exposure among your target audience. 

Social Media


Social media problems - everybody’s got them. But no one has the time & patience to solve them like we do. We are a digital marketing agency that knows there is more to “likes,” which is why our devoted social media team has mastered forward-thinking strategies for scaling loyal and engaging fans.

Custom Content Marketing


One size should not fit all. We create and curate personalized, consistent content that will sing to the hearts of your customers across digital, video, events and social media platforms. 


We build brands that are easy to recall and stand out in a crowd.

JDR is committed to putting your brand FRONT & CENTER on stages fans will never forget. Our trained, creative team has proven success of designing brands in a bold, beautiful way so that fans can recall your brand in a blink of an eye .



Let’s face it, there are hundreds of supporting sales’ avenues businesses can leverage. JDR works with you to find the pitch perfect ones for your brand. We’ll plan and create the right supportive marketing materials that’ll resonate with your target audiences.



Be loud, be found. Our creative geniuses help brands march to the beat of their own drum through well-thought-out, beautiful designs placed on any type of product needed (digital, print - you name it).

Cause Marketing


Searching for ways to gain exposure for the charity or non-profit partnership your business is partnering with? We develop world-class solutions that make a social impact and further your efforts in making a difference.