Jennifer Checkner

Head of video and content strategy | Co-Founder

Emmy award-winning work and a passion for lifting brands up with innovative solutions goes hand in hand when you’re Jennifer Checkner.

With an eye set on emerging media and a heart geared for impact, Jennifer proactively leads the JDR Marketing Group's production and still photography team to provide clients with cutting edge videos and content destined to engage and connect.

She has 22+ years of video production, media, brand and marketing management combined at CNN and Cox Media Group and is known for leading a motivated team responsible for producing $280 million in sales. Jennifer infuses JDR’s rhythm with a zest for storytelling, drive for progression, and gift for creating quality visuals.

 “I want to empower our client’s brands with smart, fresh, entertaining videos that will resonate with their fans in an attractive, relevant and meaningful way.” – Jennifer Checkner

The path less traveled to JDR includes:

In the early 90s, Jennifer fearlessly uprooted from Louisville, KY to Atlanta, GA to then graduate with a BA in Psychology from Emory University. These two milestones led her to serve almost 20 years at CNN – First, in the newsroom and the remaining 12 years as an Executive Producer in the Integrated Marketing Division of Ad Sales producing sponsorships and branded content.

This girl’s on FIRE:

In addition to an Emmy Award (Coverage of 9/11), Jennifer has been awarded three Peabody Awards (Finalist Peabody Award, Recipient for CNN Heroes: An All Star Tribute; Peabody Award, Recipient for Coverage of the (2010) Gulf Oil Spill ;Peabody Award, Recipient for Coverage of the (2008) Presidential Primary Campaigns, and Debates), and a National Headliner Award (Investigative Team for 9/11 Coverage). Stay tuned…she’s not done yet.

Behind the Scenes:

Zodiac Sign: On the cusp of Leo/Virgo

Favorite Holiday: Thanksgiving

Sunday Morning Spot: Looking out the home bay window with a cup of coffee in hand

Outside of Work: She’s a wife and mother to two daughters.

LinkedIn Profile:

JDR's Video and content strategy expert who uses innovative solutions to generate brand awareness.
JDR's Video and content strategy expert who uses innovative solutions to generate brand awareness.